500 Visitors Think “Women Rock”

A recap of three of our opening events

womens center framesterAlmost 500 visitors toured the Women’s Center during three separate open house events this past month! Visitors toured our 26,000 square foot space and walked through the 47 exam rooms, conference rooms and classrooms. They were able to meet Dr. Larkin, the director of the Women’s Center, and many of the Center’s almost 30 providers.

At one of the opening events, Jim Kingsbury, president and CEO of UC Health, said, “Late last year, UC Health kicked off our five year strategic plan, called 20-1-7. The Plan has 20 initiatives and I’m excited to say we’re well on our way. Initiative #11 was to open a Women’s Center, the core of our future plans to advance women’s health.”

The facility is brand new, bright and serene. Some said it feels almost like a spa upon entering. But as Myles Pensak, MD and CEO of UC Physicians mentioned at the ribbon cutting, “It’s not about the state of the art space or technology. It’s all about the people—the team of doctors, nurses, clinicians, specialty providers, and administrative staff who really care about delivering coordinated and comprehensive patient-centered care—that’s how this Women’s Center will become known across the country as the gold-standard for women’s health care.”

Guests were encouraged to get their picture taken with a sign that spoke to their wish for women’s health in the region. They were also encouraged to write a positive message or their personal healthcare wish for women on a stone, as the mantra for the Women’s Center is “Women ROCK.” The messages ranged from “end breast cancer” to “keep moms alive longer” to “I don’t want to pee my pants when I laugh” or “men care about women’s health too” or Dr. Pensak’s “18,” which signifies “Life” in the Hebrew language and is said at celebrations in anticipation of all the good things to come.

There are many needs in our community and the excitement and momentum surrounding the Women’s Center puts us well on our way to helping women across the region become more empowered in their healthcare and lives.

You can check out Dr. Larkin speaking to a group of friends and supporters about the Women’s Center at the Open House here.

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