9 Reasons Why UC Health Radiology Should be on Your Radar

  1. Only adult hospital in Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky with brain perfusion capabilities
    With CT perfusion, neuroradiologists are able to assess how much brain tissue was deprived of blood during the first minutes or hours after a stroke has occurred. This technology helps our clinical experts quickly determine the best treatment for reducing the damage from a stroke and achieving the best possible outcome.
  2. Our state-of-the-art MRI Scanner for prostate screenings and more
    We no longer need to use an endo-rectal coil when getting a prostate screening, making the screening more comfortable.
  1. Our Breast Imaging program
    Our breast imaging program has been recognized as a Breast Imaging Center of Excellence in Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky by the American College of Radiology since 2007. UC Health is the only system in the tristate region where every mammogram and breast imaging study is read by radiologists who dedicate 100% of their time to interpreting breast imaging. We are the only program whose radiologists are also involved in teaching and research.
  1. Our Lung Cancer Screening program
    We are a Lung Cancer Alliance Screening Center of Excellence and are unique in that our program uses the expertise of a team of surgeons, radiologists, radiology technologists — all who work together. Our subspecialist chest radiologists have the most advanced imaging capabilities to detect cancer at its earliest stages.
  1. Our neurointerventional biplane machine
    The new biplane neurointerventional angiographic suite located at University of Cincinnati Medical Center provides the most advanced technology for assessing the intricate blood vessels in the brain. The ability to look at the brain in different views and create 3D images of blood vessels allows our subspecialists, called neuroangiographic interventionalists, to diagnose and treat strokes, aneurysms and other vascular abnormalities quickly and safely. 
  1. Our musculoskeletal ultrasound
    This machine is great for athletes and orthopaedic patients because it uses movement-related imaging, which can pinpoint injury better than a regular MRI.
  1. Our conveniently located offices
    The UC Health Radiology presence is scattered all around the city of Cincinnati and beyond. Radiology services are located in hospitals and offices in Clifton, West Chester and Wyoming, and our primary care offices in Midtown, Montgomery, White Oak, Anderson and Florence, KY.
  1. Our board-certified radiologists
    Every single one of our radiologists employed at UC Health is board-certified and all with additional subspecialty training, making them experts in a variety of conditions.
  1. Our interventional radiology experts
    Vascular and interventional radiologists at UC Health perform the most leading-edge therapies in state-of-the-art laboratories. Our experts subspecialize in minimally invasive image-guided treatments and provide a broad range of services for patients with cancer, liver, kidney, lung, venous diseases and many other conditions. Our team also includes physician assistants and patient care coordinators who help coordinate your care and answer questions. They are integral to the world-class care provided at UC Health.
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