A Journey of Courage and Healing: Annual Art Consignment Show

Contributed by Melissa Mitchell, Juried Art Show Curator

Art is known to have a positive impact on the mind, body and soul and can often help reduce stress, anxiety, depression, and pain – all which are common mental and physical symptoms a cancer survivor experiences.

For centuries, art has been known to be a healing force that can help improve various mental and physical symptoms anyone can experience, especially a cancer survivor. A piece of art can reduce pain, anxiety, tension, and depression. As the curator for the third annual Women’s Center art show, we’re calling upon artists to submit their works for consideration as part of a year-long consignment opportunity. Using art as a therapy method has proven to be effective in cancer treatment as it helps manage the emotional and psychological side effects that often result from cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Local artist and a 2014 Juried Art Show participant, Cedric Cox, loves having his art used for peace and tranquility. “Art is communication and my paintings and drawings are intended to build bridges between the past, present and future,” says Cox. Like Cedric, your art can be featured at the third Annual Juried Art Show; Survivor: A Journey of Courage and Healing. Art should represent cancer survivorship, strength, resilience, fearlessness, bravery, and conquering the climb to recovery. All mediums are being accepted for consideration, as long as they are wall art or larger free standing sculptures. Large hanging wall pieces are encouraged. Please no nudity or political statements.

Up to three pieces may be submitted online through October 21, 2015. Artists will receive notice of acceptance on October 29, 2015. For more information on this year’s art show, visit UCHealth.com/women. To check out last year’s entries, visit UCHealth.com/articles/healing-through-art.

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