“A Nurse Like Her”: Sons Follow in Mother’s Footsteps


By Amanda Nageleisen

April and Nick Murdock

It took April Murdock more than three decades to achieve her childhood dream of becoming a nurse, pursuing two degrees while her four young children were at school each day. Along the way, however, she inspired not one, but two, of her sons to follow her example.

“I think they witnessed the joy I received from being a nurse,” said Murdock, 59, a nurse at the Center for Women’s Health Hoxworth. “I am very proud of the men and nurses that my sons have become.”

Nick Murdock, now 37 and an Endoscopy nurse at University of Cincinnati Medical Center, enrolled in nursing school at the same time his mother was graduating magna cum laude from Cincinnati State.

“My mother didn’t directly encourage me to take up nursing, but more so by her example,” he said. “Nursing empowered my mother and she is good at it. I wanted to be as passionate about something as her. I wanted to help people like her. So I became a nurse like her.”

Nick Murdock joined UC Health in 2004. His brother Zach also worked at UC Medical Center before returning to school to pursue a degree as a nurse anesthetist.

“I chose to work at UC Health for one main reason: I love our patients,” Nick said. “Our patients are unique and you will not find anything like them in any other institution. It can be a very challenging environment to work in, but when you meet and exceed the challenge, it leads to an even bigger reward. I also enjoy the academic environment, the teaching that takes place. It makes you feel more valued and part of the team than in other community hospitals I’ve worked in.”

April Murdock worked for 15 years as a cardiac nurse, but in 2008 found her “dream job” at UC Health:

“When I turned 50 years old, I decided before I retired I was going to do what my real dream was: caring for moms and babies,” she said. “Working at the Center for Women’s Health Hoxworth has made me feel more involved in caring for women in our community. Hopefully, in some small way I have made a difference for someone.”

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