Break Free From Your Sitting Routine

Whether you need to restore muscle strength or improve your core and body awareness, it’s a great time to move

City-WalkingContributed by Carly Hueber, EMD, CTRS

It’s no secret that sitting around is bad for your health. Studies continue to show that a sedentary lifestyle can raise your risk of heart disease, cancer, obesity and diabetes. Considering the time we spend commuting, working at desks and unwinding in front of the TV, you may be sitting around more than you even realize. The good news is that there are lots of easy, fun and exciting ways to break free from your sitting routine. And by keeping three simple things in mind, you can make sure it’s a new habit you won’t want to break.

Try something new
Expand your exercise routine with a new class. If you’ve never signed up for Pilates, give it a try. Our Women’s Center offers classes throughout the week. You can join me for private, duet/semi-private classes, and beginner and intermediate mat classes as well. Check out our schedule.

One of the latest fads sweeping the nation is the lunchtime dance party. Dance parties are springing up all over Manhattan as a fun way to get away from your desk and get moving. If dance parties sound like fun to you, you don’t need to catch the next flight to New York. Look no further than Dunder-Mifflin for your inspiration. Grab some co-workers, an empty conference room and start moving.

Make it a routine
Once you’ve found a fun, new class, be sure to make it a routine. Schedule workouts or sessions at the same time on the same days of the week that work best for you. Make it as easy as possible to get to your class or gym by packing a bag, snacks and water before leaving the house for work. And remember the rule of threes—it takes about three days a week for three weeks before something becomes a habit.

Find a workout buddy
Working out or attending a class with a friend helps you stay motivated, stick to your plan and is just more fun. Try out a new class with someone you don’t see as much as you’d like, or ask a co-worker to walk a couple of blocks at lunchtime to help break up the day. And remember that Pilates and other health classes such as yoga, Tai Chi and Qiqong are proven to help with issues related to pregnancy, cancer, diabetes, headaches and pelvic floor disorders.

Still not sure what you can do to get moving? Try:

  • clipping on a pedometer and setting a goal to walk at least 6,000 steps a day.
  • parking far away from stores and work to add extra steps to your day.
  • taking the stairs.
  • being a kid again—join your kids riding bikes, playing tag or on the swings at your local park. 
  • adding a couple of laps when you hit the pool this summer.
  • signing up for a 5K run or walk to help motivate you to get out the door.

Have fun moving and grooving this summer!

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