Breaking up is hard to do

Signs that it might be time for a new doctor

female with her doctorContributed by Ann Stone, ANP

We all know that staying in a bad relationship is unhealthy, so why is it that so many women stay in a patient-provider relationship that is not healthy? The fact is, having a strong connection with your primary care provider (PCP) can help you achieve better health. When my patients feel comfortable sharing their symptoms and personal details it helps me to make a better diagnosis and treatment plan.

If you don’t feel like you can speak openly to your PCP or you don’t feel heard, it may be time to either have a heart-to-heart discussion with your provider or to find a new one. I know. I know. Finding a new PCP isn’t exactly easy. But the benefits of finding a provider that you get along well with make it time well spent.

Signs that it may be time to switch PCPs

Think about the last interaction you had with your PCP. If any of the following statements seem true, it may be time to get into a new relationship.

  • You don’t feel like you’re really being listened to.
  • You don’t get your questions answered.
  • You routinely have to wait an hour or longer before you’re seen.
  • Your appointments feel rushed.
  • You have a difficult time getting prescriptions filled or test results back.
  • You think the staff is rude or unprofessional.
  • You have concerns regarding the competency of your care.
  • You think your care is poorly coordinated.

At the Women’s Center our entire primary care team is focused on providing exceptional care. We’re dedicated to practicing evidence-based medicine and continuing to improve our understanding of how gender differences affect health so that we can help women at every stage of life. And should you need specialty care, we have access to a complete network of comprehensive services for key women’s issues. Please call (513) 475-UC4U to schedule an appointment with one of our PCPs.

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