Cardiologist Myron Gerson: Exemplary Physician 2014

University of Cincinnati Medical Center presented Myron Gerson, MD, UC Health physician, its Exemplary Physician Award to celebrate National Doctors’ Day on March 30, 2014.

Gerson, professor in the division of cardiovascular health and disease at UC, was one of 10 physicians at UC Medical Center honored for their hard work and dedication to the hospital’s tripartite mission of clinical care, research and education.

The Exemplary Physician Award honors an attending physician with a distinguished career at UC Medical Center who has made major contributions by providing life-changing, patient-centered care and offered significant contributions to the education of future health care professionals along with innovation through groundbreaking research.

LeAnn Coberly, MD, chief of staff-elect at UC Medical Center and professor in the UC College of Medicine, presented Gerson with the award and offered a few thoughts about his work, which spans 35 years as an academic cardiologist.

“The clinical role for which Dr. Gerson is known best is his leadership of the nuclear cardiology program at UC Medical Center for many years,” said Coberly. “This is a high-quality and mission-critical program that demonstrates innovation and very good accuracy and turnaround time performance metrics.

“Dr. Gerson is highly productive and does much of the nuclear cardiology work himself along with reading stress tests and electrocardiograms, attending on the inpatient units at the hospital and maintaining a general cardiology office practice,” said Coberly.

In 2009, UC Medical Center was among the first in the region to offer an innovative cardiac imaging test that results in more accurate diagnosis of coronary artery disease and fewer unnecessary invasive tests and surgical procedures. Gerson played an important role in advancing the hospital’s work in this area working closely with nuclear medicine section chief Mariano Fernandez-Ulloa, MD.

“Dr. Gerson is a respected educator,” said Coberly. “He has taught generations of medical students, residents and fellows and leads by example with a quietly effective communication style coupled with a wealth of practical knowledge for his learners.”

Coberly said Gerson has assumed interim directorship of the division of cardiology twice to maintain stability and leadership for the program.  She described Gerson as “doctor’s doctor.”

Other Doctor’s Day Award Recipients include:

  • Diann Bridenbaugh, MD, Anesthesiology, Sustained Excellence Award.
  • Charles Kuntz IV, MD, Neurosurgery, Clinical MVP Award.
  • Jonathan Moulton, MD, Radiology, Collaborator Award.
  • Madhuri Sopirala, MD, Infectious Disease, Impact Award.
  • Sean Foster, MD, Emergency Medicine, Graduate Medical Trainee Award of Excellence.
  • Aaron Grossman, MD, PhD, Endo Surgical Neuroradiology, Graduate Medical Trainee Award of Excellence.
  • Darlene Guse, MD, Plastic Surgery, PGY4, Graduate Medical Trainee Award of Excellence.
  • Anish Shah, MD, Urology, Graduate Medical Trainee Award of Excellence.
  • Patrick Solan, MD, Surgery, Graduate Medical Trainee Award of Excellence.
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