UC Gardner Neuroscience Institute Clinician Highlight—Ben Keilholz

Ben Keilholz graduated from the University of Cincinnati in 2014 with a degree in radiologic technology. After graduation, UC Medical Center hired him as a radiologic technologist, where he performed X-rays and fluoroscopy on patients staying in the hospital, undergoing operations and visiting for appointments.

Ben enjoyed working in the X-ray suites but was drawn to the imaging that technologists performed through MRI. As a result, the MRI team began to cross-train him while he studied for MRI board certifications. Ben passed his exams and was hired on full-time in the MRI suites. Now, as a senior MRI technologist, he is leading the way in radiologic technology at the UC Gardner Neuroscience Institute outpatient building.

Ben describes the new building as a “beautiful location” that will benefit patients with various neurological diseases through features like touch-screen registration monitors and accessible parking.

These benefits also extend to the MRI suite, Ben said. They include:

• Caring suite. Designers modeled the caring suite to place patients in a “wonderfully soothing” environment. Each patient will experience a customizable MRI environment designed to make them feel more comfortable and relaxed. Customizable features include music selection that is played through surround sound or earbuds to mask the noise of the MRI, LED lighting hues displayed on the walls of the room and nature scene selections displayed on an LED screen mounted to the ceiling.

• New technology. The suite has a brand new state-of-the-art MRI wide-bore scanner that is “in the most beautiful exam room I have ever seen,” Ben said. The scanner itself is very wide, allowing more room for patients to relax inside the scanner.

Learn more about the UC Gardner Neuroscience Institute at uchealth.com/neuroscience

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