Do I really need a primary care provider (PCP)?

Why you need your PCP in sickness and in health

larkin-patient-V2Most of us know we have to make the annual visit to our gynecologist, and if you are over 40, you probably also make it a priority to have an annual mammogram. But what about a yearly visit to your primary care provider (PCP)? Many healthy women don’t feel the need to regularly visit their PCP in fact, many women don’t even have a PCP.

A long-term relationship with a PCP has benefits

For those who seldom get sick, a local clinic is always available to prescribe an antibiotic or patch up an injury. Right? Well, yes, they can address your immediate needs, but it’s difficult for a provider who sees you only one time to provide you with the same level of insight that would come from a PCP who has seen you several times and knows your history. When you have an established relationship with a PCP, if an “ordinary” illness turns out to be more of a long-term condition, you benefit from a personalized treatment plan that can only come from someone who knows your complete medical history.

A PCP can help keep you healthy and prevent disease

And even when you’re feeling well, an annual physical examination provides an opportunity for your PCP to recommend medications, screenings and lifestyle changes to help prevent you from getting sick in the first place. While a gynecological visit and mammogram are critical for women each year, it is equally important to keep an eye on heart health, hormones, weight and your overall well-being. A PCP can be your first line of defense in finding and treating issues early.

PCPs can direct you to the right specialists

And should you require specialized care, a PCP can help you navigate the right approach and find the right specialists. At the Women’s Center, our PCPs can help coordinate your care with many other specialists, from bone health to weight loss, Pilates to pulmonology, right here under the same roof.

At the Women’s Center, our team of PCPs all specialize in the care of women. We’d love to help you on your journey to health. To see one of our primary care providers, please call (513) 475-UC4U.

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