Don’t let illness ruin your trip abroad

Get vaccinated before you travel

Contributed by Ann Stone, CNP

travel with suitcaseWith summer fast approaching, I suspect many of you are in the midst of making travel plans. For some, this may include relaxing, volunteering or even working outside of the U.S. But before you get caught up in the adventures of some far away land, please take the proper precautions to ensure your good health. In other words, make an appointment with one of our primary care providers (PCP) to review your vaccination history. This is very important because over time vaccines can become less effective and you may need a “booster.” And believe it or not, many destinations require very specific health preparations. Our knowledgeable and experienced PCPs will ensure you receive the correct vaccines and medications to help keep you running full-steam ahead. Most importantly, don’t delay! In order for a vaccination to be fully effective, it must be given at least four to six weeks prior to your travel date.

It’s also very important to take a sufficient supply of your routine medications. I recommend placing it in your carry-on bag. That way if your luggage gets lost, you won’t be without your medication. And depending on where you’re going, we may advise you to bring Imodium to treat diarrhea, sunscreen and mosquito repellent to name just a few things. Happy travels!

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