Evaline A. Alessandrini, MD: Why She Participates in the Field of Medicine

Evie Alessandrini

Evaline A. Alessandrini, MD, UC Health, Chief Medical Officer

What are key factors that brought you to choose the field of medicine?

My life-long love of science led me to study biology in college, and the field of medicine allows me to combine that love of clinical science with my affection for helping and interacting with people.

While working as a practicing physician for 20 years, I developed a passion for designing and studying health systems that deliver the best quality and most efficient care for patients and families. I am excited to bring this work to my current role as Chief Medical Officer for UC Health.

This is personal for me: when I saw other health care systems not meeting the needs of my loved ones, it really inspired me to utilize my skill set to help make health systems better.

Patients and their families shouldn’t be spending all their time navigating health systems and searching for specialists to get better. We always need to remember that people often come to us in time of need and stress. As health care providers, it is our job to ensure we are doing everything we can to help make healthcare easier, to advance healing and to reduce suffering.


What makes you most excited to be a part of UC Health?

I am truly excited by the opportunity to be the Chief Medical Officer of UC Health. This career allows me to work closely with our physicians each and every day. My goal is to be their trusted and effective partner. Our physicians determine the standards of care to provide to our patients to achieve the best outcomes, and together we work to assure that these standards are effectively implemented and continuously evaluated, while always keeping the unique needs of individual patients at the forefront.

What I also love about UC Health is that we are the region’s only academic health system. The power of academic medicine allows us to provide our community and those with the most complex health needs the best possible care close to home and close to family and friends. Not all communities have an academic health system like ours that can provide advanced care such as heart transplants and life-saving treatments for complex neurological disease. I am extremely proud to be part of that and work with each and every associate at UC Health.

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