Find New Ways to Let Go of Stress

Try tai chi or qigong

 tai chi qigong yoga classContributed by Alan Hundley, LMT

All of us are impacted by daily stress. Our bodies feel the impact of stress whether it is “happy stress” from fun activities like hosting a backyard barbecue or going to a friend’s wedding, or more difficult situations like an intense job or an acute illness. One of the best things you can do for your overall health is to have three to five health tools that you can use to fight off the negative effects of stress. Some people turn to high-impact exercises like running or spinning to burn off tension, others may prefer quieter activities like breathing exercises or meditation. If you need to find or add a few additional stress-busting tools to your list, consider taking a tai chi or qigong class.

There are many proven benefits to both of these ancient practices, which originated in Asia. Both are gentle, low-impact and beginner-friendly. In addition, most people who practice tai chi or qigong regularly find that the slow, thoughtful motions lead to a great sense of peace and well-being. Learn more below.

Tai Chi
Tai chi is a series of slow, centered movements performed while focusing on deep breathing. Its slow movements flow into one another, keeping your body in constant motion while working to strengthen and mobilize joints and muscles. Benefits of tai chi include its low-impact movements, making it a safe exercise option for many, from fit adults to people in wheelchairs or those recovering from surgery.

Qigong focuses on aligning breathing, movement and awareness. It literally means “Life Energy Cultivation.” Qigong has been known to reduce stress, build stamina, increase vitality and improve the immune system. Classes focus on meditation and health. Simple movements are led by instructors and may be customized to each class.

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