Flu season is here

Protect yourself and others, get your flu shot!

Contributed by Sukaina Ahmad, MD

sneezing from coldIf you’re like most people, taking time out of your busy day to get a flu shot is probably pretty low on your “to do” list. After all, who wants to sit in a doctor’s office if they aren’t even sick? And I’m sure you’ve heard the myth that you can get sick from the flu shot.

If these are the only excuses you’ve got, the Women’s Center has good news for you! First, we’re offering convenient walk-in hours Monday through Friday, from 8 am to 4 pm, so you don’t need an appointment to get vaccinated. You just walk in, get your shot and leave. It’s that easy. Also, if you think the flu shot will make you sick, rest assured that’s absolutely false. You cannot get the flu from a flu vaccination. It does, though, take a couple weeks for the flu shot to kick in. So, if you’ve been exposed to somebody with influenza immediately before or after getting the shot, it’s possible you may get the flu. This is just one more reason to get your vaccination early before flu season reaches its peak.

I’m healthy. Why do I need a flu shot?

While certain populations may be more vulnerable to the flu, anybody can get the flu. In fact, the flu can make the healthiest of people very sick. But even if you don’t care if you get the flu, think of those around you, especially children, pregnant women, the chronically ill, and elderly. For them, the flu can lead to serious health complications, hospitalization and even death. So don’t wait. Protect yourself, friends, family members and coworkers and get your flu shot today!

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