Get To Know Akeira Johnson, MD

Akeira Johnson, MDAkeira Johnson, MD, is into hair, beauty treatments and makeup. Being a beautician or aesthetician would be a cool job! She hasn’t visited a salon in over 10 years.

Grew up in Milwaukee, WI and has added ‘Move to Paris” to her bucket list.

Passionate about the dynamic, always evolving field of women’s health.

Not only has amazing patients, but is humbled by their ability to share their stories.

Works in a field full of passionate providers who continue to deliver top treatments at multiple levels.

An early riser, hits the gym at 5am; meditation at 6am; a walk with her dog at 6:30, then dressed and (hopefully) out the door on time; breakfast in the car!

Loves glamour!

Top of college class in the sport of archery.

Has her own dog language and, yes, her dog understands!

Inspired by her mother’s resilience, compassion and nurturing nature. “She is the reason I’m grounded and simultaneously passionate about what I believe in.”

Loves to laugh and loves suspense.

Favorite part of her job is the variety—primary care, specialty services and procedures all in one day; sometimes even in one visit.

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