Have you noticed changes in your voice? Discover 5 symptoms that may mean you need a head and neck cancer screening

Our bodies give us clues to our health every day. While some may seem minor, they can often point to underlying conditions that require medical attention.

There’s no exception for head and neck cancers. Luckily, screenings can help doctors detect cancer in the early stages.

According to Dr. Alice Tang, head and neck cancer specialist with UC Health Ear, Nose & Throat, if you have any of these five symptoms, consider getting a head and neck cancer screening:

Pain or sores in your mouth that do not resolve in one week.
Bumps on your neck.
Difficulty breathing.
Difficulty swallowing.
Changes in your voice.

UC Health Ear, Nose & Throat is hosting free head and neck cancer screenings:
Thursday, June 13,
8:30 a.m. – 4 p.m.
UC Health Barrett Cancer Center in Area F

This event is open to the public with no requirements and no insurance required. Schedule your screening by calling 513-475-8400.
Discover more at uchealth.com/cancer.

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