Healing Through Art

Well-being Art Show Huge Success

Florence Nightingale said it best when she said “Variety of form and brilliancy of color in the object presented to patients are an actual means of recovery.” Variety, color and presentation all play a huge role in the annual Juried Art Show held at UC Health’s Women’s Center.

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Well-being is the theme for the annual show that runs through then end of 2015. During the Call to Artists, a variety of mediums were accepted for consideration including photography, digital pigment prints, photo collage, painting, watercolor, fabric art, sculpture, glass blowing, mosaic, woodworking and metal and cooper work. Artwork was to be tranquil and calming with warm to vivid soothing tones and colors. Art was evaluated on craft, theme, diversity and emotion.

More than 100 submissions were considered during the juried selection process with 39 artists winning the coveted year-long consignment. Currently, there are 75 different works of art hanging on the walls of the Women’s Center, each delivering a different message but all with the same goal – relaxation and healing. “When people visit their doctor they’re usually not feeling one hundred percent,” said Melissa Mitchell, curator of the Juried Art Show. “Patients want and deserve a treatment environment that helps calm fears and nurtures healing. Art is healing in many ways,” said Mitchell.

Since the inception of the Women’s Center juried art show in 2013, artists of all kinds have participated. “One of the reasons we’ve had such success is because of the support of the Women’s Center Director, Dr. Lisa Larkin,” said Mitchell. “The other reason such a diverse group of artists participate is because of their passion and gift of using art to heal the mind, body and spirit.” Cincinnati artists Cedric Cox and Natalie Hager, two artists featured in the 2014 show, love using their talents for peace and tranquility. “I use photography as a form of art therapy for women to express themselves. Using photography has proved to be a great vehicle to bring joy and healing into their lives,” said Natalie Hager. “Art is communication and my paintings and drawings are intended to build bridges between the past, present and future,” said Cedric Cox.

Natalie, Cedric and the artist’s selected for this year are on display at the Women’s Center. Tours are available by calling (513) 475-UC4U or can be viewed by visiting www.uchealth.com/women. Any featured art piece is available for purchase. And later this year, check our website for information on how you can become involved or submit a piece of work for 2016 consideration.

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