Heather Evans Named March of Dimes Nurse of the Year

Congratulations to Heather Evans, RN, childbirth education coordinator for Maternity Services, who was honored by the March of Dimes 2019 Nurse of the Year Award in the category of Women’s Health on Nov. 1 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Columbus.

Heather was among 25 nurses who were recognized in a variety of clinical categories, including advanced practice, ambulatory care, case management and critical care, to name a few. The Ohio Nurse of the Year Awards is a celebration/fundraiser that brings together the health care community to recognize nursing excellence and achievements in research, education, quality patient care, innovation and leadership. I am pleased to share Heather’s nomination below.

Heather’s Nomination:

Heather is actively involved in promoting breastfeeding to our patients and in the community. She leads Baby Café, a nationally recognized organization that promotes breastfeeding through a community support group. Baby Café is held every Wednesday and utilizes community volunteers and international board-certified lactation consultants. Heather has spearheaded the support group and ensured its continued growth and success. Mothers come to receive a sisterhood of supporters and one-on-one support from lactation consultants. Heather created the first program offered in our area. In addition, Heather works to follow the Ohio First Steps standards to ensure we are promoting healthy breastfeeding education and support to our patients and families. Our exclusive breast feeding rates lead our area as a result of Heather’s diligent work with our team of lactation consultants and clinical staff to aid mothers with their personal breastfeeding goals. Heather, with the support of management, created evidence to show the need for a full-time lactation consultant presence. As seen by our exclusive breastfeeding rates, as well as our rates of any type of breast feeding at discharge, full-time lactation consultants were warranted for our unit’s continued success with breastfeeding (more than 80% of some breastfeeding at discharge). Our unit yields breastfeeding results that surpass every other hospital in the region. However, Heather still continuously looks for opportunities to improve. She is one of the lead RNs on the UC Health newborn falls/drops task force with hopes to publish data in 2020. Heather presented at the Ohio Lactation Consultant Association (OLCA) conference for the past two years. In addition, Heather is assisting with a skin-to-skin initiative for all C-section moms. Heather’s roots as a labor and delivery nurse and as a mother of six has been a great foundation for her dynamic influence on her lactation career. She is kind, loving and generous, and wants the best outcomes for all moms and babies. Heather strives every day to ensure our clinicians uphold the mission and belief of placing our patients first.

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