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SPF, Sunscreens and Summertime Skincare

SPF_SkincareContributed by Cathy Fricke, Skin Care Specialist

Every summer, newspapers and women’s magazines are full of articles on sunscreen. But this year, there is fresh news about important changes in sunscreen labeling and information on a new study that officially proves sunscreen prevents wrinkles.

Changes in sunscreen labeling
Many sunscreen products claim to offer broad-spectrum protection. The Food and Drug Administration now requires sunscreen products to pass a standard test before making this claim. Believe it or not, up until now this hasn’t been required. So, check your label to be sure your sunscreen passed the test. This is important because both UVA and UVB rays contribute to wrinkles and skin cancer. Additionally, labels can no longer make the claim that a sunscreen is waterproof or sweat-proof. The fact of the matter is all sunscreens can wash or wear off. While sunscreens can be labeled water-resistant, the label must advise you to reapply every 40 or 80 minutes. This is important because the old labels gave wearers a false sense of security. Finally, SPF products below 15 must carry a warning that it can only protect against sunburns, not wrinkling and skin cancer. These products are usually marketed as tanning lotions.

New study proves sunscreen can prevent wrinkles
A new study has backed up what dermatologists have been saying for years…sunscreen can protect skin from aging. The study just published in the Annals of Internal Medicine concluded that people who use sunscreen daily showed 24 percent less skin aging, as measured by lines and skin coarseness. And while this may be exciting news from a vanity standpoint, it’s also good news from a health standpoint because reduced skin damage from UVA rays also translates into a lower risk of skin cancer.

Still have sunscreen questions?
Finally, I thought it would be helpful to share an article I found in Prevention that addresses 15 confusing sunscreen questions. I found the information to be accurate and informative.

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