Mary’s Socks Fund ’09: Seeking $1,245 for Four New Cots


Nurses pose for picture

From left: Pauline Richardson, RN, Mary Siereveld, and Roxanne Wise, RN, during Mary’s 2008 holiday visit to University Hospital.

A family member who wishes to stay overnight with a loved one on the neuroscience floor at University Hospital has two choices: sleep in a reclining chair or try to find a cot — preferably one that doesn’t bend or buckle. In recent years, finding a workable cot has been a challenge.

“Not every family member stays every night, but we definitely need more than a few cots,” says Pauline Richardson, R.N., a Clinical Manager on the neuroscience floor. “The ones we do have are so old and broken down that I would like to replace all of them. I’d like to have four news ones. A lot of our diagnoses are very serious, and it makes the family feel very safe when they can stay overnight with their loved ones. Having family there also helps reassure our patients who have brain injuries. It helps them heal faster.”

Enter Mary Siereveld, a former patient who spent December 23, 2005 on the neuroscience floor following surgery to remove a brain tumor. Ever since then, on December 23, Mary returns to University Hospital with a heartfelt letter and a simple gift for patients who are staying on the neuroscience floor. The gift is a pair of warm, fuzzy socks.

This year, with help from the University Hospital Foundation, Mary has established “Mary’s Socks Fund” as a way to raise money for life-affirming essentials for patients who are hospitalized with brain tumors or other neurological conditions.

The Fund’s kickoff goal is to raise $1,245 for the purchase of four new rollaway beds.

You can support this effort with an online donation to Mary’s Socks Fund.

Or, you may contact Eileen Hintz, our development coordinator, at

University Hospital Foundation 234 Goodman Street, ML 0700 Cincinnati, OH 45219 513-584-0695

Gifts of all sizes are appreciated and welcomed. Your gift is deductible in accordance with existing tax laws.

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