Medical Mondays: Breast Cancer Screenings

1. Dr. Shaughnessy, can you help me understand when someone should get a Breast screening?

The whole idea behind breast cancer screening is to check to see if there is anything that looks like a very early cancer because the idea is if we can catch it as a cancer very early, we can help minimize the effects on someone’s overall survival. The earlier the cancer, the easier it is to cure.

2. What are unique services you offer? What is the patient journey to find you?

One of the things that we have to offer which I don’t believe any other health system here in Cincinnati has to offer is a multidisciplinary high risk clinic for those people who are considered high risk for getting breast cancer – a strong family history in that context or perhaps, the knowledge that that individual carries a gene mutation that predisposes them.

Listeners can visit for more information or call 513-584-3200 to see a specialist at UC Health, where in Science Lives Hope.

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