Medical Mondays: Dr. Torres – Epilepsy

It’s Medical Mondays with UC Health. Today, we are talking with UC Neurosurgeon Dr. Torres. Doctor, for a patient with epilepsy, when is it appropriate to consider surgery?

“About 60 percent of epilepsy patients achieve control of their seizures with one or two antiepileptic medications. Patients that have failed at least two medications and continue having seizures should be referred to a comprehensive Level IV epilepsy center for surgical evaluation. UC Health has such a center.”

What are some of the success rates following a surgery like this?

“In patients who are weak and identify a lesion in the brain, be it be either a tumor, vascular malformation or other problem of development, we have up to a 90 percent chance of seizure freedom. For patients that have a normal MRI, we have an array of treatments aimed at discovering the site of the seizures and stopping or at least decreasing their frequency.”

Listeners can visit for more information or call 513-475-8730 to schedule an appointment with an epilepsy specialist at UC Health. In Science Lives Hope!


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