Medical Mondays: Holiday Eating Habits

Today, we’re talking with Dr. Lisa West-Smith, PhD, LISW-S, director of behavioral health for the UC Health Weight Loss Center, about how to practice healthy eating habits during the holidays.

  1. Doctor, what is emotional eating, and how does it differ from other eating problems such as binge eating or graze eating?

Emotional eating is eating in response to feelings: mad, glad, sad, bored, tired, angry. Binge eating is more clearly defined as “loss of control” eating. Graze eating is unplanned eating, small amounts of food throughout the day.

  1. How can people avoid emotional eating throughout the holidays?

If you have a sense of what’s going to be available to eat at the event that you’re going to, having a plan in mind before you go there can be super helpful to keep from graze eating.

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