Medical Mondays—Kevin Grimes, MD, on the Academic Difference in General Surgery

It is Medical Mondays with UC Health. Today, we’re talking with Dr. Kevin Grimes, a UC Health physician who specializes in general surgery.

Q: How is general surgery different at UC Health in comparison to other hospitals and centers?
A: We’re all university professors. We research to push the boundaries to try and find the best care for the patients. And a lot of us teach practicing surgeons around the country, and I think this allows us to take care of patients and give the best possible care regardless of how straightforward or complex their conditions might be.

Q: What are some key procedures you have trained for that help treat stomach and swallowing disorders that only UC Health offers?
A: Two of the procedures that we are very excited to start offering here are called POEM and POP. So we do just as good as a job with the scope, and we can save people from having an actual surgery.

Listeners can visit for more information or call 513-475-8787 to schedule an appointment at UC Health—where in science lives hope.

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