Medical Mondays – R. Cutler Quillin III, MD on Transplant

For more than fifty years UC Health is the only comprehensive transplant program for adults providing heart, liver, kidney and pancreas transplants. The UC Health liver transplant program ranks sixtieth in the US and the kidney program ranks fortieth.

Q: What do these rankings mean for patients?
A: What it means is that it’s a good thing to be living in the greater Cincinnati area if you have end-stage liver disease or kidney disease. Transplantation is a team sport, and these rankings really reflect the hard work of everyone on the team—from the transplant nurses to the social workers to the liver and kidney doctors and down to the surgeons. So, if you or a love one is living with end-stage liver and kidney disease, the goal should be transplantation, and our team can help you achieve that goal.

Q: How is kidney care at UC Health different from other hospitals or centers?
A: We have many programs in place to improve patients access to transplantation including living donation and TRIMS or bariatrics surgery programs for patients that are overweight.

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