Medical Mondays—Tammy Holm, MD, PhD, on Thyroid Nodules


It’s Medical Mondays with UC Health. Today, we’re talking with Dr. Holm, an oncology surgeon.

Q: Dr. Holm, What are thyroid nodules?
A: Thyroid nodules are abnormal bumps on your thyroid gland that can be made up of tissue or cells or fluid. Sometimes they can be cancer, but most of the time they’re benign.

Q: It’s been said that if you get cancer, thyroid cancer is the most curable. Is this really true?
A: So thyroid cancer is treated very well with a combination of surgery, thyroid hormone suppression and radioactive iodine. I think that one thing that we focus on though very strongly at UC is that making sure that survivors get the attention that they deserve. So even though people survive thyroid cancer very well, it’s important to make sure that we’re addressing all of the needs of thyroid cancer survivors.

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