Medical Mondays with Mark Callow, MD – Epilepsy

It’s Medical Monday’s with UC Health and today we are talking with Dr. Mark Callow, MD assistant professor of neurology who specialists in epilepsy at UC Health.

Epilepsy is one of those conditions we are hearing a lot about medical marijuana as well as CBD oil. Can you explain this options and whether any of it is actually proven helpful for seizures or people with epilepsy?
There are many differences between dispensary or internet forms of marijuana in epidiolex. Epidiolex is a form of concentrated and purified CBD oil. That has been scientifically proven and is an FDA approved medication.

So, if someone has epilepsy and struggles to control the seizures could they take a CBD or get a prescription for epidiolex?
To see if your candidate we recommend seeing an epilepsy specialist here at the UC Epilepsy Center we utilize a team approach to select the best treatment for each individual patient.

Visit UC Health for more information or call 513-475-8730 to schedule an appointment. UC Health where in science lives hope.

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