Movie night draws crowd with an epic story

Story-of-Mothers-Daughters-300x168The Women’s Center quarterly Movie Night series delivered the epic Story of Mothers and Daughters to a full house. From birth to death, love and hate—this story shared the essence of what ordinary American moms and daughters feel throughout their relationship and how they define this special bond.

The movie highlighted how mothers and daughters can experience tremendous changes throughout the course of a lifetime. The film’s honest portrayal of the bond and relationship between the two did not sugarcoat the mother-daughter dynamic and the range of different interactions. Showcasing the ups and downs, the movie also presented a hopeful outlook that allows women to understand that they can work through even the most unique mother-daughter relationship, no matter what shape they take.

The story detailed over 50 women through some of the most pivotal moments and experiences of their lives and revealed the universal threads of the bond that endures over a lifetime.

Minute by minute, viewers witnessed a series of moving individual mother/daughter stories; yet by the end, the cumulative effect revealed a universal mother-daughter story that is true for all: the cycle of life, a repeating pattern of comings together and drawings apart; the union of pregnancy followed by the separation of birth; the sweet closeness of childhood to the stormy estrangement of adolescence; the reconciliation and sharing during adulthood yielding to aging, passing away and eventually to the renewal of the coming of next generation.

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