National Nurses Week 2020: Randy R., RN, Labor & Delivery

In honor of National Nurses Week, we are spotlighting some of our compassionate nurses at UC Health who make a powerful impact on our patients each and every day. Today, we highlight Randy, a labor and delivery nurse at University of Cincinnati Medical Center.

What inspired you to become a nurse?

 Randy: I was inspired to become a nurse when I took an anatomy and physiology class in 11th grade. I was fascinated by how the body works and what it is capable of doing. I decided then that I wanted a career where I could help the body heal. I remember thinking how cool it would be to go to work every day and do something you love. I wasn’t wrong. I am still fascinated and love what I do.

Why did you choose to work at UC Health?

Randy: I chose to work at UC Health because I like to learn and need to be challenged. I perceive the complexity of the conditions of our patients as an opportunity to expand my knowledge and strengthen my nursing skills. There are also many opportunities at UC Health outside of being at the bedside that have helped make me a better nurse, such as being involved in evidence-based research projects, unit and hospital committees and the clinical ladder.

How has your team prepared to handle a disease outbreak like COVID-19?

 Randy: Preparing to handle the COVID-19 outbreak has definitely been a team effort. We have reviewed all of our processes, and made modifications to provide the safest and best care to all of our moms and babies throughout their hospital stay, while keeping our staff safe as well. This has required input from many disciplines including staff nurses, physicians, anesthesiologists, leadership, lab and pharmacy. We have used many new modes of communication, such as conference calls and Microsoft Teams, to keep everyone up to date on changes as they arise.

What advice would you give to nurses who are graduating right now?

Randy: My advice is to never stop learning. Ask questions. Ask to observe others doing things you aren’t comfortable doing. Be honest about what you don’t know, and seek opportunities to educate yourself. Knowledge is empowering. Your patients will benefit greatly, and it may lead to opportunities for career growth.

What has been your most inspiring experience working as a nurse at UC Health so far? 

Randy: So many of our patients have complicated pregnancies requiring long-term admissions or emergency deliveries. Watching a mom hold or see her new baby for the first time, and knowing that I played a part in them being able to have that moment, is what inspires me as a nurse at UC Health. We have the best healthcare team, and I am proud to be a part of it!

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