Neuroscience Floor Grateful for New Cots

Three people pose with ribbon

Former patient Mary Siereveld, center, with Eileen Hintz, left, of the University Hospital Development Office, and Public Relations Manager Diana Maria Lara. Photo by Cindy Starr/Mayfield Clinic.

When Mary Siereveld came to University Hospital to see the three sturdy new rollaway beds that a fund in her name had purchased, two of the cots were already being used. Rhonda Sarver, a registered nurse on the neuroscience floor, predicted the third cot would be in use before the weekend was over. It was.

“The rollaway beds are a godsend for patients’ families,” Rhonda said. “We are so glad to have them.”

Until the new cots arrived, a family member who wished to stay overnight with a loved one usually had to sleep in a reclining chair.

Mary is a Northern Kentucky schoolteacher who was treated for a brain tumor by John M. Tew, MD, in December 2005 and who now brings new socks to hospitalized patients every Christmas. She established Mary’s Socks Fund with the University Hospital Foundation to raise money to help provide life-affirming essentials to patients who are hospitalized with brain tumors or other neurological conditions.

Fittingly, the cots were first used in the rooms of people recovering from a brain tumor.

The cots were funded by a large kickoff donation from a generous member of the UCNI Board of Advisors as well as smaller gifts from friends of UCNI. A substantial, subsequent gift means a fourth cot is being ordered for the floor.

“I can’t thank Mary and our supporters enough,” said Pauline Richardson, R.N., a Clinical Manager on the neuroscience floor. “We have struggled with getting these cots for many years. In the past, we have submitted the request, only to be denied because of the budget. So I am very excited to have them.”

Said Mary: “I just want the neuroscience floor to make a wish list and for us to keep building upon this. I hope that we take their dreams, their wishes, and we get everything that they want, plus even more.”

You can support additional patient needs with an online donation to Mary’s Socks Fund.

Or, you may contact Eileen Hintz, our development coordinator, at

University Hospital Foundation 234 Goodman Street, ML 0700 Cincinnati, OH 45219 513-584-0695

Gifts of all sizes are appreciated and welcomed. Your gift is deductible in accordance with existing tax laws.

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