Patient Family Thanks DAISY Award Recipient

Linda Dempsey

Linda Dempsey, RN, is the July winner of the DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses for the compassion she displayed for a patient and the patient’s family.

The DAISY Foundation honors extraordinary nurses across the United States. Linda is the 155th winner of the DAISY Award at UC Medical Center.

Dempsey, nurse at UC Medical Center’s Neuroscience Intensive Care Unit (NSICU), helped a family grieve the tragic loss of their child, who suffered a fatal head injury.

Linda took the time to help the family say goodbye to their child, knowing the patient was to be taken off of life support the next day. She helped the mother give the patient a final bath and arranged the patient in bed so the mother could sleep next to her child one last time.

Linda Dempsey RN

“The positive impact it had on [the patient’s] family made this horrible … event a little more bearable,” Linda’s nominating colleague wrote.

Linda also attended her patient’s funeral, standing in line for four hours just to pay her respects.

“Her being there made [the family] realize how much she cared,” the nomination states. “That is what nursing is all about.”

The patient’s and Linda’s family attended the surprise DAISY Award ceremony on Friday, July 6.


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