Ruby Crawford-Hemphill: Why I Chose UC Health


Why did you choose a career in medicine?

When I was a freshman in high school, I stood up for a classmate who was getting bullied. After that, the other kids started calling me “Cassius Clay.” I’ve always been a fighter.

I also believe I was born with a servant heart. That means you give back, you recognize when people have a need, and regardless of how other people feel about it, you speak up and take up for other people. I have to be able to sleep at night knowing I’ve done the right thing.

Reducing infant mortality and being a voice for the voiceless is really my passion, and how to do that is what keeps me up at night. Ohio ranks 11th in the nation for infant deaths, and more than 1,000 babies in Cincinnati die every year.

This is my hospital. This is my community. Why is this happening, and what do we need to do? I feel like if I can save one infant’s life, if I can save one woman’s life, then I know that I’ve done something good.


What makes you most excited to be a part of UC Health?

I am excited about being a member of the UC Health family, because I am emotionally connected to the mission of advancing healing and reducing suffering.

I truly believe that having access to quality and safe medical care is a right. Being an advocate of social justice and a voice for the vulnerable is my “why” in life, and it’s a challenge that I take seriously and feel blessed to take on.

I also love interacting with patients, and I love being able to effect change, big and small, across the hospital and the community. As Assistant Chief Nursing Officer for Patient Care Services, when I see a problem, I am usually able to solve it. That is exciting to me.


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