Spotlight on Ann Stone, ANP

Stone_AnnHelping women find balance and a healthy lifestyle

I love coming to work every day and interacting with women and families of all ages and backgrounds. I thoroughly enjoy the challenge of finding out what is causing a patient’s symptoms and what will help them to feel better. Conversely, the hardest part of my job is watching patients that have an opportunity to feel better, but choose not to follow my advice. I understand that it’s difficult to change our habits. But just like anything else, maintaining good health requires effort.

I would describe my bedside manner as direct and honest, but also compassionate. Patients deserve to get straight answers. But they also deserve to be listened to and respected. I find humor to be a good way to help patients feel comfortable talking to me about the most personal issues in their lives.

If I had a chance to give women some advice on how to get the best care, I would say two words: honesty and compliance. Tell your primary care provider (PCP) exactly what’s going on—the good, the bad and the ugly. And most importantly, please follow through on any recommended treatment or prevention advice. If you have doubts, talk to me about it right away so we can clear up any misunderstandings or make necessary adjustments.

As a PCP, my goal is to help women live the fullest, healthiest life possible. For me, that means being strong and fit enough to keep up with my four beautiful grandchildren and also raising Budweiser horses on our family farm. We also care for two rescue dogs and so many barn cats that I cannot count them.

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