Spotlight on Shazia Chaudhry, MD

Building relationships and trust with patients

Chaudhry_Shazia lab coatContributed by: Shazia Chaudhry, MD

I began my career treating hospital patients with multiple medical problems. During that time, most of my patients were acutely ill. As you can imagine, establishing trust with both patients and their family is critical in such difficult situations. It’s this experience that led me to become a primary care physician. Why? I realized what I enjoyed most about being a physician was interacting and forming relationships with my patients.

Many of my patients say I’m a big picture, no-nonsense, straight shooter kind of doctor. But that doesn’t mean I rush my patients in and out the door. Quite the contrary, my patients know that it’s important they share with me not only the physical concerns,  but also any emotional or social issues they may be having.  Here’s where the big picture comes in handy; I know there is a connection between mind and body and I also believe I can best serve my patients when I have all the pieces to the healthcare puzzle. Only then can a true health and wellness plan be developed.  And the no-nonsense, straight shooter aspect is helpful since the medicine I practice is evidenced based and the care is patient centered.

The best part of my job is making a positive difference in the way my patients feel. I encourage women to live the healthiest life possible by maintaining proper hygiene, getting regular sleep, staying hydrated, and developing a good exercise routine. And of course, connecting with others, being involved outside the home or office, enjoying a hobby with a girlfriend, or just reading a good book helps foster a healthy mental attitude.

My routine for relaxation includes exercise, green tea and reading a good book. I also enjoy spending time with my family and friends. Speaking of friends, why not grab a friend and together come to one of our lecture series? It’s a great opportunity to hear from my colleagues and make connections with others!

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