The Benefits of Tai Chi at UC Health


Drawing on principles that go back over 5,000 years, tai chi teaches balance and harmony internally and within your environment through gentle, choreographed movements, breathing and meditation. It also includes techniques for stress management and emotional growth.

Derek Johnson, L.Ac, MSOM, is a lead licensed acupuncturist at UC Health and a certified instructor of tai chi. He holds a master’s degree in oriental medicine and a doctorate in medical qigong.

“I began teaching because I love to share the art with others and I approach it the same way I do when caring for my patients,” says Derek. “It is a powerful form of therapy similar to acupuncture, so I teach it in a way that students can use at home as self-care.”

There are many proven benefits from tai chi, including reducing stress and blood pressure, improving strength, building balance, increasing range of motion and improving overall quality of life.

Anyone can significantly benefit from tai chi, but it is particularly good for individuals who need movement therapy but have one or more limitations to their physical activity.

Tai chi at UC Health is informal and is treated like a group visit for movement therapy. Students will learn simplified movements and how to apply them in their daily life. Sometimes there are discussions, which can include traditional philosophies that apply to tai chi, anatomy and physiology.

Interested in signing up for a class?

Classes are just $5 per session and are held every Thursday at 12:30 p.m. on the first floor of the new UC Gardner Neuroscience Institute outpatient building in room 1109.

Call 513-475-9567 to hold your spot now.

*If you plan to attend a class, please wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothes. Flat-soled shoes are recommended.

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