Translation Message: Coach Jones Sets Standards We All Can Strive For

When Football Coach Brian Kelly announced his decision to leave UC for Notre Dame, members of the UC Gardner Neuroscience Institute breathed a collective sigh of resignation. An important new friend and ally of the Academic Health Center would be leaving town. But if Tuesday evening was any indication, our community and institutions have a wonderful new friend in Coach Kelly’s replacement, new Bearcat Coach Butch Jones, who comes to UC after producing a dandy record and two MAC championships at Central Michigan University.

Speaking at the Cincinnati Public Schools’ and Student Activity Foundation’s 11th Annual Outstanding Student-Athlete Recognition Banquet at Paul Brown Stadium, Coach Jones touched on topics that are relevant not only to student-athletes but also to anyone who strives for excellence at institutions like UCGNI.

Coach Jones spoke about standards, which are what guide us when no one is watching. They are indeed what UCGNI team members strive for in every solitary chart review, every check of a sleeping patient, every collection of data in a far-removed lab.

Coach Jones spoke about the one-second rule, which means that life can change in a second. Clinicians in the Neuroscience Intensive Care Unit (NSICU) see the results of the one-second rule daily – the woman who has just suffered a stroke, the man who neglected to buckle his seat belt, the student-athlete who drove after drinking. Coach Jones also talked about attitude:

“It’s not something that comes by instinct. It has to be practiced over and over or relearned over and over. You have power over your attitude. It is not something that is controlled by your parents, your coach, a referee, or your professor.

“This is how attitude works,” he continued. “How you think equals the choices you make. The choices you make equal the habits you develop. The habits you develop equal the person you become. Each and every day we can choose to have enthusiasm or a sour disposition. We can choose hard work or laziness. We can choose to make a persistent effort or to quit. We can make a commitment or we can go along with the crowd.”

In closing, Coach Jones challenged his audience to keep striving for excellence each and every day. “There is a certain amount of responsibility that comes with your accomplishments,” he said. “You are leaders, and it is tough to be a leader because of the choices and decisions that you have to make each day. However, continue to stay strong, strive to improve daily, and continue to be role models and great examples in your communities!”

Coach Jones then proceeded to do that and more – sitting, smiling and supporting through the recitation and celebration of more than 300 individual accomplishments.

Leaders of UCGNI are hoping that Coach Jones will visit them in the not-too-distant future. In the meantime, all of us can benefit from his wisdom and his enthusiastic and caring attitude. Make that Bearcat-titude!

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