UC Cancer Institute Experts Help Smoker Kick the Habit

Camping trips with friends often means relaxing in nature around the warmth of a fire. For, Lynn Mann, 56, it also meant several packs of cigarettes while socializing.
However, her last camping trip left her feeling terrible and ready for a change.
“I smoked so much, and I felt awful,” says Mann. “I’ve been a smoker since the age of 16—my father, mother and grandmother were all smokers, and besides a seven-year stint when I stopped, I’ve always enjoyed smoking; however, after this trip, it was like a light bulb switched on. I’m a widow, and I started to think about my youngest daughter, Tiffany, and how I want to be here for her wedding day. I thought about my grandson Colin, my oldest daughter Ashley’s son, who I babysit three days a week and want to see him graduate from college. I realized I want to be around for my family, and I decided that it was time to quit for good.”
Mann says her oldest daughter, Ashley, who works for the American Cancer Society (ACS), had been after her for years to kick the habit, even going as far as sending her information about the UC Cancer Institute’s Lung Cancer Screening Program, which follows ACS guidelines on screening for lung cancer.
The program, which is in its second year and is the only program in the area that has a multidisciplinary team evaluating cases of those screened and treating them when necessary, has been recognized by the Lung Cancer Alliance as one of 100 centers nationally for following best practices for screening residents who are at an increased risk for lung cancer.
“I would always just brush it off because I wasn’t ready—and I have to admit, her ‘reminders’ would annoy me a little bit,” she says. “However, I came back to the information when I decided to make the change, and I figure $100 is a lot cheaper than chemotherapy.”
Mann was the 300th patient screened in the program and will continue with yearly follow-up scans in order to catch anything suspicious.
Along with hypnosis, she’s meeting with Jane Pruemer, PharmD, director of UC Health’s Win By Quitting Smoking Cessation Program and professor at the UC James L. Winkle College of Pharmacy, to explore different ways to keep the cravings at bay.
“I need that extra support; I really want to be successful this time,” she says. “I’m determined to kick this, and I’m happy to have the UC Health team on my side, helping me along the way.”
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