UC Health Athletic Trainers Beyond the Sidelines

There are many behind the scenes healthcare professionals who do not receive nearly enough recognition for the patient care they provide. Athletic trainers are no exception. Our UC Health athletic trainers play an integral role within our multidisciplinary care teams and in our patients’ lives – emotionally and physically.

Meet Makayla Black, AT, ATC; Theresa Lynch, AT, ATC; and Jess Mann, AT, ATC – our team of UC Health certified athletic trainers who not only share job titles but, more importantly, a genuine passion for helping patients find hope during some of the most defeating times of their lives.

Athletic training goes well beyond the care of athletes. UC Health athletic trainers are responsible for emergency care, as well as injury prevention, evaluation, treatment and rehabilitation, and coordination of overall well-being of patients of all types.

“We are versatile and able to adapt in order to take care of others in various settings, such as occupational health, the military, hospitals and outpatient clinics, and the performing arts to name a few,” Jess said.

Jess is a Columbus, Ohio, native and 12-year athletic training veteran who has worked in both non-traditional and traditional athletic training settings, including time coordinating concussion-related research and education programs within the Cincinnati community.

Theresa said while most see athletic trainers as the ones who run onto the court when someone is hurt, many don’t realize, “The hours put in to condition the patient, rehabbing their injury, and coordinating their overall medical care. Sometimes we also have to be a confidant to the patient, especially when someone is dealing with the reality of a season-ending injury.”

Theresa knew by her junior year of high school she wanted to stay involved in athletics in order to help athletes train, enhance their sports performance and to help them overcome injury.

UC Health athletic trainers work alongside UC Health Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine physicians to prevent patients from encountering injury and related medical conditions during sports and physical activity.

Makayla, chose to work at UC Health to “work with some of the best doctors” in Greater Cincinnati.

Makayla knew very early on in her exercise science education that she wanted to become a certified athletic trainer. After her schooling, she joined the U.S. Army Reserve and later UC Health Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine in 2019.

You’ll find Makayla, Jess and Theresa in clinic guiding patients through their appointments, applying braces, casts and splints, and providing treatment education to athletes, patients and caregivers. Outside of clinic, they’re managing sports physicals, preparing supplies and equipment, and staffing some of Cincinnati’s major events like the Flying Pig Marathon.

Whether it’s playing on the court, performing on a stage or gardening in the yard, UC Health athletic trainers get our patients back to doing the activities they love most.

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