UC Health Strengthens Multiple Sclerosis Care in the Ohio Valley Region

Greatly Expanded Clinical Team

The Waddell Center for Multiple Sclerosis at the University of Cincinnati (UC) Neuroscience Institute has in the past six months added four new physicians to its team of MS experts, bringing the total to five MS specialists. In addition, the Center has added a nurse practitioner, a social worker, and two new medical assistants in order to continue to strengthen MS care for residents of the Tristate and beyond. The MS team also includes specialists in neurology, urology, neuro-ophthalmology, neuropsychology, physical medicine and rehabilitation.

“There are a large number of people who need an MS specialist in this region,” says Aram Zabeti, MD, medical director of the Waddell Center and an assistant professor in the UC College of Medicine’s Department of Neurology and Rehabilitation Medicine. “The Waddell Center is pleased to be able to expand our clinical services to offer the highest level of care to patients with multiple sclerosis in the Tristate and beyond.”

Newly Added Clinical Trials

In addition, the Waddell Center has also significantly expanded its clinical research and is now overseeing 21 clinical trials, with multiple new studies in the start-up phase. UC Health added three clinical trials coordinators in the new Dayton office, bringing the total number of clinical trials coordinators system-wide to five.

“Clinical research brings future therapies to people who are suffering today,” says Zabeti. “With our new additions to clinical research, we are in better position than ever to do that.”

One of the clinical trials includes the Cincinnati portion of the 28-site phase-2 clinical trial for ibudilast, an anti-inflammatory drug that is being tested in study participants with primary or secondary progressive MS, which is ongoing but not currently recruiting participants.

Rehabilitation Programming

Rehabilitation is an important component of comprehensive, quality healthcare for people with MS at all stages of the disease. The Waddell Center has re-energized its rehabilitation programs. In the past year, the Center added a physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist to the team, and more recently the Center received funding to expand classes for people with MS.

Restorative Yoga for MS

This class started as a collaboration with the Ohio Valley Chapter of the National MS Society, and the Waddell Center will be continuing the Friday morning class at the Stetson Building, 260 Stetson Street in Cincinnati. Restorative yoga is a series of gentle poses and breathing techniques that emphasize alignment to benefits posture and balance; release tension so the body feels more energized; and teach relaxation techniques to reduce stress.

Aquatherapy Class for MS

This class is continuing at the UC Campus Recreation Center on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Aquatherapy can enhance overall health while also reduce fatigue, improve balance, muscle flexibility and strength.

The Benefit of Comprehensive Care

“Our multidisciplinary team provides expert care in the management of MS, which can help slow the disease progression, treat relapses, manage symptoms, and address emotional health,” says Dr. Zabeti, who came to lead the Waddell Center team in 2013 from the Oregon Health and Science University’s Multiple Sclerosis Center. “Comprehensive care can make a big difference in a person’s quality of life, by improving comfort, function, independence, and overall wellness.”

The Waddell Center is one of 14 centers and programs within the UC Neuroscience Institute, a partnership of the UC College of Medicine and UC Health.

Welcoming New MS Specialists

To schedule an appointment at UC Health, please call (513) 475-8730.

Michelle Bowman, MD
Assistant professor in the UC Department of Neurology and Rehabilitation Medicine
Dr. Bowman joined the Waddell Center team in September after completing her residency at UC and a fellowship at Ohio State University. She primarily practices at UC Health Physicians Office North in West Chester.

Allen DeSena, MD, PhD
Assistant professor in the UC Department of Neurology and Rehabilitation Medicine
Dr. DeSena did his fellowship in UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas and sees both adult and pediatric patients. He primarily practices at UC Health Physicians Office Clifton and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center.

Elizabeth Dragan, MD
Assistant professor in the UC Department of Neurology and Rehabilitation Medicine
Dr. Dragan joined the team this month from Baylor College of Medicine Maxine Mesinger Multiple Sclerosis Clinic in Houston. She practices in multiple locations, including UC Health Physicians Office Clifton, UC Health Physicians Office North in West Chester and the Hoxworth Building.

 Lawrence Goldstick, MD
Associate professor in the UC Department of Neurology and Rehabilitation Medicine
Dr. Goldstick has 36 years of experience of treating patients with multiple sclerosis. He practices at the UC Neurology Clinic in Dayton.

 Sandy Parawira, MSN
Ms. Parawira Clinical nurse practitioners are able to diagnose illnesses, order treatments and prescribe medications. She sees patients at UC Health Physicians Office Clifton and UC Health Physicians Office North in West Chester.

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