UC Health Women’s Center offers College Health 101: For College-bound Students and Parents

86525464At A Glance: College Health 101 For College-bound Students and Parents

When: Saturday, August 9 1:00-3:30 PM

Where: UC Health Women’s Center: 7675 Wellness Way, 4th Floor – West Chester, Ohio 45069

What: A free afternoon of empowering education, medical expertise, and lessons from experience regarding the health issues which specifically impact young college women, along with the resources and tools for how best to face them head on.

Register here or call (513) 475 – UC4U (8248)

UC Health Women’s Center presents College Health 101, an afternoon “course” designed to address the various health issues to which young female students, leaving home and entering college for the first time, are most susceptible. The event will cover topics such as gynecology & sexual health, alcohol and drug use, nutrition, weight management & body image, stress, date rape, emotional health, and skin care. The event will help better educate and prepare young students, empowering them to make good decisions and tackle tough situations during this brand new chapter in their lives.

This new chapter is an exciting and crucial one -college is a time of incredible change, growth, exploration, self-discovery, and fun. However, it is also a time when first year students, with their new found independence and personal agency, are the most vulnerable to certain health concerns- often, when they least expect, and are least-equipped, to handle them. Join us as we bring together medical experts and college sophomores, who will call attention to the many health issues which specifically affect women, while emphasizing the importance of taking control of one’s personal health through well-informed preemptive measures. We’ll also debunk the common college-age misconceptions and stigmas, which often surround health issues in a safe, open, and inclusive environment.

“As young women embark on this new journey in their lives, we believe offering events such as this aligns with our mission of creating opportunities to educate and inspire the next generation of young women. We know that in order to have a successful college experience it’s critical to understand and know how to respond to critical issues that young women will face,” says Lisa Larkin, MD, Director of UC Health Women’s Center, Associate Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology, and Director of the Division of Midlife Women’s Health and Primary Care at the UC College of Medicine. “We strive to provide women with a local educational resource where they can receive expert health and wellness advice, support, and services that complement their changing needs.”

College Health 101 will be held on Saturday, August 9, from 1:00 p.m. – 3:30 p.m. The event will include a panel composed of physicians and second year students to ensure that every question is comprehensively answered from both medical expertise and recent experience. It will also include complimentary health information and resources such as skin assessments, safe drinking tips, priority follow-up gynecology appointments, and much more. All pre-college young students are encouraged to bring a parent or guardian so that an open and well-informed discourse of important topics may result after the event, at home.

According to Shivani Desai, a rising sophomore at Washington University in St. Louis and a Women’s Center Community Outreach, Marketing, & Health and Wellness intern, this event is a must-go for pre-college girls: “In the final days before college, an educational event like this might sound easy to blow off in favor of shopping, hanging with friends, or packing. I understand; I was in that same mindset last year. But do yourself a favor, and make time for this event,” Desai says. “The concerns being raised are critical issues – they impacted my first year, and many of my friends’ first year experiences in ways we would never have expected. These topics are not just dry statistics, or distant stories; they are reflected in real life. It would have been so helpful to have entered college with a foundational understanding about these health issues, and I truly believe that becoming educated about these topics is the best way to successfully face them.”

The Women’s Center strives to create this awareness in an engaging setting in order to ensure a happy and healthy first year. Join us for an afternoon of free education and empowerment. Please register here or call (513) 475 – UC4U (8248).

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