Winning the Battle of the Bulge

It’s that time of year when extra calories add up to weight gain. To avoid overindulging this holiday season, we recommend following these tips:

  • Don’t arrive hungry. Try eating a nutritious snack before the event and drink plenty of water to help stay full. 
  • Bring healthy food. Whether you’re going to a party or potluck, bring low-calorie, healthy food.
  • Don’t focus on food. Spend time talking to your family or friends instead of circling the food table. 
  • Be picky with sweets. Limit yourself to small portions and set rules. If you love chocolate, then have only chocolate for a sweet treat. Try not to eat a variety of treats, regardless of size or calorie count.
  • Watch liquid calories. Alcohol consumption typically increases and with that calories increase. Instead of alcohol, opt for water with a squeeze of lemon. 
  • Get moving. Keep exercise at the top of your priority list. Small changes do add up! Park farther away at the mall, take the stairs instead of the elevator and walk around a neighborhood looking at holiday lights.
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