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Breast Cancer Center

In partnership with UC Health, the University of Cincinnati Cancer Institute Breast Cancer Center offers patients the combined benefit of advanced, science-driven medicine with a personalized, compassionate approach to treatment and follow-up care.

Experts in Breast Cancer

The UC Cancer Institute Breast Cancer Center is the only center in the region awarded commendation from the American College of Radiology as a Center of Excellence and the American College of Surgeons as a NQMBC Certified Center of Excellence. The board-certified multidisciplinary team—comprised of breast imagers, medical oncologists, dedicated breast pathologists, radiation oncologists, plastic and reconstructive surgeons, fellowship-trained surgical oncologists and a highly experienced oncology nursing staff—meets weekly to discuss and determine the best treatment plan for women affected by breast cancer.

As the only American College of Radiology approved breast imaging center and MRI-accredited center in the region, the UC Cancer Institute breast imaging team focuses on providing women the most accurate screening and diagnostic evaluation to minimize the risk for misdiagnosis and unnecessary testing. Fellowship-trained surgical oncologists focus exclusively on treating cancer and are among the most technically experienced in the Tristate.

Breast cancer surgeons and plastic/reconstructive surgeons work collaboratively to plan in advance for reconstruction. Dedicated breast medical oncologists have access to international, national, regional and Phase I investigational trials.

University of Cincinnati Medical Center offers tomotherapy – 3D image-guided radiation therapy that minimizes damage to surrounding healthy tissues. This and other advanced radiation oncology services are available at multiple UC Health locations across Greater Cincinnati.

Leaders in Medicine and Science

Like all UC Cancer Institute-affiliated physicians, breast cancer specialists also serve as faculty members at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine, giving them access to the latest scientifically validated medical information to help patients live healthier lives. They also serve as educators for the next generation of physicians in training and provide continuing education opportunities for community physicians and other health care professionals.