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About Us

Head and neck cancers can affect your appearance, swallowing, speech and senses, and we’re very sensitive to that. Our team of experts at the University of Cincinnati Cancer Institute Head and Neck Cancer Center work closely with each other and with you to achieve the best possible results during your treatment and beyond.

Reasons why we are your best choice for head and neck cancer care

We have Greater Cincinnati’s most experienced head and neck cancer team working for you.
Our Head and Neck Cancer Center is the only center in the region with a large and diversified team of fellowship-trained experts whose primary focus is on head and neck cancer.

Our multidisciplinary team of head and neck cancer experts includes:

  • Head and neck cancer surgeons who specialize in these cancers
  • Radiation oncologists, the only specialists in the region to focus only on head and neck cancer radiation treatment
  • Medical oncologists
  • Pathologists and radiologists, who assist with diagnosis
  • Interventional radiologist able to perform specialized procedure to stunt tumor growth
  • Speech therapists who focus their practice on head and neck cancers
  • Nutrition therapists
  • Nurses and social workers who work primarily with people who have head and neck cancers

Our head and neck cancer team consults weekly to discuss unique aspects of your case in order to recommend a cohesive, personalized treatment approach that offers you the best chance for recovery.

Other specialties—facial plastic surgery, neurosurgery, thoracic surgery, dermatology, ophthalmology, oral surgery, dentistry and dental rehabilitation—work closely with our core team to deliver comprehensive, personalized care to you.

We treat the most complex cases.
We are unique in the region in providing care for conditions ranging from the common and less complicated to the highly complex and rare. We address the most challenging cases, assisting those who cannot find help elsewhere.

We provide the reconstructive care you need after your cancer is treated.
We’re the only head and neck cancer specialists within 100 miles of Cincinnati who perform head and neck reconstruction to restore your appearance and daily functions such as speech, eating and swallowing. Our reconstruction expertise includes complicated microvascular free flap procedures, using tissue from other parts of the body to reconstruct the jaw.

We offer robotic surgery.
We’re the only ones in the Tri-state region who are certified to use the da Vinci Surgical System for trans-oral robotic surgery. Robotic surgery is associated with better outcomes and faster recovery. We use it to treat laryngeal cancer, mouth and throat cancer and parapharyngeal space tumors (skull base tumors).

We focus on your goals and expectations.
We work with you to determine the treatment options that meet your personal goals for care.

In all cases, we have pain and symptom management services to make you as comfortable as possible and to minimize side effects of treatment.

Our Head and Neck Cancer Center will soon have a nurse navigator who will guide you through the process of making appointments and scheduling tests. Your nurse navigator will answer your questions and help you find community and hospital resources to relieve stress and offer practical assistance during this challenging time.

Our high volume of cases leads to better quality.
Studies show that patients who have surgery at centers performing high numbers of procedures have better results. We see more head and neck cancer patients than all other Greater Cincinnati community hospitals combined and perform more procedures than any other facility in the region. We have the expertise to provide every aspect of head and neck cancer care.

We put our experience to work for you, using our advanced technology and expertise to more accurately pinpoint your diagnosis, lessen the chances for treatment complications and give you the best opportunity for beating your cancer and its effects.

We offer clinical trials with the latest treatments.
UC Health offers clinical trials for all stages and types of head and neck cancer, giving you access to the latest medications and techniques in head and neck cancer treatment.

We’re training the next generation of specialists.
You will receive treatment from head and neck cancer specialists who are leaders in the field and who are faculty members at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine. As we train the next generation of physicians in our residency and fellowship programs, we remain current with the latest developments in head and neck cancer care, and use that knowledge for your benefit.