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Speech & Nutrition Services

Our No. 1 goal is to give patients the treatment plan that offers them the best chances of a cancer-free future; however, our team is proactive in working to preserve quality of life for patients—particularly the ability to eat and speak after oral, head and neck cancer treatment

Upon initial diagnosis, patients are connected with nutrition and speech therapy services. These specialists work with the patient and physician team to develop a customized plan for the patient to follow throughout treatment and recovery.

Speech therapists work with patients to troubleshoot both swallowing and vocal challenges. Each patient has a comprehensive, pre-treatment assessment of vocal function to help guide the treatment that is chosen—surgery, radiation, chemotherapy or a combination approach—and craft a plan for addressing potential side effects of treatment. Therapists continue to work with patients to manage side effects of cancer treatment throughout the process, including offering lymphedema therapy to help reduce the swelling in the face and neck post cancer treatment.