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Ocular Oncology Center


The Ocular Oncology Center at the University of Cincinnati (UC) Cancer Institute is nationally recognized as a leader in research and patient care for eye cancer. Our physicians evaluate and manage patients with a wide variety of malignant and benign (non-cancerous) tumors in, on and around the eye. Our physicians assist neurosurgeons, neurologists, radiation oncologists, medical oncologists and interventional radiologists in the management of patients with central nervous system (brain) tumors causing problems with vision or movement of one or both eyes.

Patients have access to our robust ongoing clinical research, which includes studies on retinoblastoma (a rare cancer that typically affects infants and young children) and primary intraocular malignant melanoma (a cancer that typically affects adults).

In addition to our innovative research, our patients receive comprehensive evaluations, recommendations on the most appropriate possible therapies, and personalized treatment plans based on their individual needs. Our patients take comfort in knowing we treat high volumes of this rare cancer and that our expertise enables us to provide the most advanced treatments available.