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Financial Assistance

As you decide about pursuing fertility preservation, we’re here to help you evaluate costs, discounts and insurance coverage. Our oncofertility services team understands the urgency of moving forward quickly before you begin cancer treatment.

The UC Health Center for Reproductive Health has its own financial counselor, who expertly and efficiently guides you through the financial process of paying for fertility preservation.

It’s important for you to start the process by filling out an insurance verification form. The form goes to an independent company that quickly and thoroughly evaluates whether your insurance company will pay for fertility preservation and how much it will cover.

Using the information gathered from your insurance verification form, we can tell you the estimated costs of preservation processes recommended by your doctor.

We know you’ll have expenses with cancer treatment and want to ease the added financial responsibility of fertility preservation. To do this, we offer:

  • Discounted costs for processing and storing frozen eggs, embryos or sperm
  • Additional discounts for self-pay patients
  • Free medications for stimulating egg growth and other processes, with support from LIVESTRONG and Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy
  • Loan programs if you require extra funds