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The effect of proton radiation on tumors is similar to conventional X-ray radiotherapy. Protons can have an advantage over conventional X-rays in situations where radiation to normal tissue that is in close proximity to a tumor would cause significant side effects or risks. Protons can often decrease or eliminate radiation exposure to these nearby structures.

When evaluating a patient for proton therapy, we will often generate two treatment plans (one using protons and the other using X-rays) to determine if there is any advantage to using protons. The published clinical experience using protons is limited for many adult tumors, so these comparative plans are useful in determining whether an individual patient will benefit from proton therapy. In addition, we ask each patient receiving proton therapy to consent to enrollment in a prospective, multi-institutional registry so that pooled outcomes can be studied to best identify the appropriate role of proton therapy for future patients.

Our physicians are always available to discuss questions you may have about proton therapy. We can be reached at (513) 584-BEAM (2326) or (844) 532-BEAM (2326).

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