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A number of different medical professionals are involved in proton therapy treatment. See below for complete descriptions of different care roles and a listing of our radiation oncologists:

  • Radiation Oncologists: Physician trained in the use of radiation therapy for the treatment of cancer and other tumors; responsible for planning proton therapy and monitoring patient progress during and after treatment
  • Radiation Physicists: Physicists with specialized training in the use of radiation for medical purposes; help maintain the proton treatment facility, assist with planning radiotherapy treatments and perform quality assurance checks for proton therapy treatment
  • Dosimetrists: Assist the radiation oncologist and radiation physicist in developing the proton treatment plan
  • Radiation Therapists: Deliver proton treatments according to the radiation oncologist’s treatment plan; position patients for treatment, obtain x-rays to verify the patient’s position and operate the equipment that delivers the proton radiation
  • Referral Coordinators: Main point of contact for patients; coordinate necessary pre-treatment tests; help navigate insurance approval process
  • Nurses: Monitor patient progress through treatment
  • Medical Assistants: Monitor patient progress through treatment

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