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Nutrition & Diet

When you have cancer, you will have increased nutritional needs as your body works to repair, heal and regain strength. This means you will need to consume more calories each day to provide the additional carbs, fats, protein, fluid, vitamins, and minerals needed. Without extra nutrition, your body will use its fat reserves to provide energy, but more importantly, it will break down your precious lean muscle to obtain the protein it needs to rebuild new healthy cells.

The treatment process may cause side effects that will decrease your ability to consume adequate nutrition. A member of the UC Cancer Institute oncology dietitian team can work with you to create a nutrition plan to keep you well-nourished while taking into consideration your specific side effects. Your dietitian will continue to work with you throughout your cancer treatment as needed.

For personalized nutrition intervention, have your physician refer you to see one of our dedicated oncology dietitians.

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