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Patient Care

About Our Institute

The top priority of the UC Cancer Institute is to make the most advanced care readily available to the people of our Greater Cincinnati metropolitan area.

This level of care is best provided by highly trained physicians who work collaboratively in a multidisciplinary setting to personalize the treatment of every cancer patient who seeks our services.

Although we have the ability to treat every patient with cancer that comes to us, we focus a great deal of our efforts on the treatment of patients with complex and advanced disease who cannot be treated elsewhere in the metropolitan area.

Another important part of our mission is to advance the field by conducting cutting-edge basic and clinical research to improve outcomes for patients with a variety of cancers. We will not be satisfied until we make sure that no patient in our region needs to go outside our area to receive the best cancer care.

Quick Facts

  • Fellowship-trained surgical oncologists with high levels of experience
  • Dedicated on-site pharmacy and compassionate care team
  • Nurse navigation services to help patients manage treatment process
  • All digital screening mammography center
  • ACR Breast Imaging Center of Excellence distinction for breast imaging program, which recognizes centers nationwide that successfully achieve accreditation in all of its breast imaging including breast biopsy, ultrasound and mammography
  • Only program offering high-dose interleukin 2 for kidney cancer
  • Only program in Greater Cincinnati to offer Therasphere treatment for advanced, inoperable liver cancers
  • Only program within in the Tristate area to offer chemoperfusion HIPEC procedure
  • Only program in Greater Cincinnati  to offer minimally invasive, rib-sparing esophageal and lung cancer surgery
  • Only program in Greater Cincinnati to offer partial laparoscopic kidney-sparing cancer surgery
  • 2-D and 3-D real-time, image-guided technology for targeted radiation therapy
  • Robot-assisted and minimally invasive surgery capabilities for a broad spectrum of cancers
  • Access to clinical trials for all types of malignancies, including Phase 1 experimental therapeutics
  • Multidisciplinary lung cancer screening program
  • Phase 1 clinical trials unit for advanced cancers that fail traditional therapy
  • Unmatched neurological surgery capabilities at the UC Brain Tumor Center