Daniel Drake Center for Post-Acute Care

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What You May Be Feeling

Every patient has a different reason for coming to Daniel Drake Center for Post-Acute Care and different expectations about their recovery. But all patients share common experiences- stress about their stay, physical discomfort, progress, possible limitations, and dependence on others.

How you cope with stress plays an important role in your overall recovery. In addition to the physical care we provide, we’re here to:

  • Teach you techniques to manage and cope with physical discomfort
  • Answer questions and provide information
  • Help you set reasonable expectations
  • Modify your activities so you can be as independent as possible
  • Help you learn to cope with things you can’t control

Knowing when you need help

Here are some signs that you may need help coping with your stress:

  • Anxiety or sadness that interferes with therapy
  • Persistent or frequent feelings of sadness, depression or hopelessness
  • Loss of interest or motivation in usual activities
  • Persistent loss of appetite or sleep problems
  • Anger that interferes with your relationships with family and staff
  • Any strong emotion that causes you significant emotional or physical distress
  • Frequent or intense desire to give up, including wishing to die or thoughts of suicide-even if you would not carry them out

Getting help with coping is a normal part of your care and therapy -no different than seeing your doctor or therapist. You can get help with stress and emotions by telling any member of your health care team, and especially your Daniel Drake Center physician about how you are feeling emotionally as well as physically.

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